Payment Methods

Payment Methods Accepted

As well as accepting all major credit cards including American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discovery, we also offer that extra level of comfort by offering "Pay with Amazon" - or "Pay Pal Express".

Pay with Major Credit Card:  If you are checking out with a major credit card, simply select the "Checkout" button and proceed to pay method, billing method, confirmation - and your chair is on its way!



Accepted Credit Cards


Pay with Amazon Pay:  If you have an account with Amazon, and you feel most

Pay with Amazonconfident and comfortable using Amazon's payment method, we have you covered.  The secure Shopify platform on which Massage Chairs Gives Back is built, has a partnership with Amazon which allows our customers to purchase their chair and check-out using their Amazon account.  

To pay with Amazon, select your massage chair, and "Add to Card" which will then Open your shopping card.  After reviewing your order, and accepting Terms & Conditions, select yellow "Pay with Amazon" button.


Pay with Amazon

You will then be securely redirected to the Amazon Payment Gateway, and will land on the familiar Amazon login screen as seen below.  From there you just process the payment, and complete your purchase.

Amazon Payment Gateway

As with any online purchase, you can ensure that you are using a secure site, when you see the URL beginning with "   https://... "  The "s" means it is secure.




Secure URL


Pay with PayPal:  We also offer the ability to pay with your existing PayPal account. Checkout With PayPalWhen you get to your order summary, just select the PayPal Pay, and you will be redirected to a secure PayPal login screen.  Just complete your payment per usual.

  PayPal Checkout

Other Payment Methods Accepted:  We also gladly accept money orders and checks made out to "Massage Chairs Give Back" mailed to:

Massage Chairs Give Back
11 McKinley Street
Exeter, NH  03833

If paying by check, there is a mandatory five day waiting period before an order can be processed.  We also accept ACH and electronic payments, as approved.