Titan Jupiter XL Massage Chair Review

Titan Jupiter XL Massage Chair Review

From the Massage Chair Wellness Showroom...

The Titan Jupiter XL Massage Chair  is a premium 3D L-Track full body massage chair. Designed to be the lowest price, most feature rich 3D L-Track massage chair available today. When on sale for $3,499 you will not find a better value - for a deep tissue L-Track that accommodates big & tall. Though, it is also the choice for petite individuals who want more than depth to the massage than any 2D chair provides - for a great price point.  

Welcome to Massage Chair Wellness, Inc. reviews are the product of thousands of hours of actual first hand use of the products right on the floor of our massage chair showroom in Hampton, NH. We invest in a showroom models; investing only in chairs that we believe will be the best, most durable, highest quality, and state of the art massage chairs. Then we gain valuable customer insights. Only then do we kraft our review!   

Insights from the Massage Chair Wellness showroom:  The Titan Jupiter XL Massage Chair is without question one the most popular massage chairs in our showroom, for those looking for a 3D deep tissue experience - particularly individuals or partners/spouses looking to accomodate a variety of body shapes and sizes - for a great price.

The Titan Jupiter XL, when on the most mild roller depth and air intensity, is great for all users, and actually more gentle than other chairs described as "Firm 2D". Standout features include - one size fits all, excellent deep tissue neck to glutes. Great Zone massage. Full array of varied and effective auto programs. The air compression is full and extensive - covering from elbows to fingertips (important area that is often not mentioned), Great full coverage in the longer calf area, and a firm but not intense of too aggressive foot massage. 3 Heat Zones - Lumbar, seat and calf - this is deep penetrating heat - often puts people to sleep in the showroom. Great benefits.
Bells & whistles: speakers, bluetooth sync & speakers, hands free phone conversations.

3D Rollers L-Track (Long Neck to Glutes)
Excellent neck and shoulder program. 3 - 3D Deep Tissue Massage Programs. 5 levels of air intensity. Starting in one area, working it gently, graduating to the next, etc. Very long 53" L-Track, making it one of the best chairs for a taller user. We have large athletes and body builders in our showroom (athletic facility), (5'1" to 6'6") - most people on the taller/wider scale, find this chair an extremely comfortable fit. This has also been an excellent choice for partners and families. Although we brought in this model because the larger, broader individuals who were looking for mid-range prices, it has proven to be a top choice for couples and families with a variety of needs and to accommodate a variety of body types. Because it can be gentle, some of the most petite woman have tried this and preferred it to for instance the Osaki OS-Pro Maxim which is an excellent FIRM 2D - but proved too firm for their needs.
(Comparable chair for petite to AVERAGE size users - consider Osaki OS-Pro First Class)

Full 44 Air Massage System
The air compression system is full with excellent coverage. Arm air easily covers from above the elbow (on most) to fingertips. Top of calf to bottom (on most). Includes unique air compression for the temples. Currently not found on any other massage chair. Customer's seem to enjoy this - although it is easily flipped to the back of the chair, if it is annoying to any one. Feedback indicates it is helpful for relaxation and stress, as well as reducing tension headaches. Side airbags give a firm squeeze.  

Foot Massage / Foot Rollers
The foot unit is an open toe, so can accommodate any size foot and is not restricted like the "boot" style legrests where the foot must be inserted (normally accommodates up to size men's 13). The foot massage can be both relaxing, and with the pressure of the airbags on top of the foot, can be firm. Overall, the foot rest on this massage chair has universal appeal. Not too firm, never hurts, for even most sensitive users.

The Jupiter XL massage chair is manufactured in one of the top factories in China. This is a mid-price chair, which means internal parts, etc., may not last AS long as, for instance the Osaki OS-Pro Ekon, which is a Premium chair with high quality, extremely durable parts). Which means it may not last AS long as a premium chair. But, it is an outstanding choice considering it can be purchased on sale for $3,499. The exterior is average grade pu - very nice to look at, easy to clean.

In August 2021, Titan launched the upgraded, Titan Jupiter LE Premium. See the comparison chart below, for upgrades and mainstay features on this excellent,
Titan Jupiter XL -- we think the upgrade is worth the money!
BOTTOM LINE: The Titan Jupiter XL has been an excellent best selling model since 2017. Great chair, excellent value. The new Titan Jupiter LE Premium, in our opinion, is still an excellent value when on sale for $3,999. Premium chair, excellent quality, massage chair, a lot of bang for the buck. Manufactured in a Chinese factory gaining attention for product quality.
We love this massage chair - it has served our showroom customers well.

3D S/L-Track Massage Chair

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