Osaki OS-Pro First Class Massage Chair Review

Osaki OS-Pro First Class Massage Chair Review

The Osaki OS Pro First Class Massage Chair is a luxury 3D S/L-Track full body massage chair. Rolled out in February 2019, it is THE state of the art massage chair. It wouldn't be a stretch to say, the First Class Massage Chair may have the best neck / shoulder massage, ever. This chair is just beginning to get the recognition it deserves, as it sells for thousands less than other brand's "luxury" chairs, and it has truly revolutionized the massage chair industry with some never before seen features. Straight from the Massage Chair Wellness showroom, we offer our review, based on months of use and first hand customer feedback.  WE ARE AN AUTHORIZED OSAKI DEALER.

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Who likes this chair?

Any user looking for a 3D S/L-Track (More "J"-Track), under 6' - 240 lbs. should consider the Osaki OS-Pro First Class.  

Notable: "Frozen Shoulder" Program - best neck & shoulder, period.

Recommended User:

4'11"-6' Tall | 240 lbs. | Petite to Average Sized User


Our 2019 Pick for best neck and shoulder massage of any massage chair on the market today. In our showroom, this chair beats the Maestro, Ekon, Novo XT2 and Luraco - when it comes to neck/shoulder.
Especially when on sale at $5,999 (Reg. $7,999).  

The Osaki First Class Massage Chair! This chair has now supplanted the Osaki OS-Pro Maestro and Osaki Ekon as the showroom favorite. Without question the most popular massage chair for petite to average size people in our showroom, for people seeking an excellent neck/shoulder specifically but also an exceptional full body experience. Mild to Deep tissue massage, but never too intense. The roller mechanism is firm, the chair is gorgeous, the interior faux leather is high grade and so soft against the skin. This is a wonderful immersive experience. Especially when on sale for $5,999

LISTEN - There are simply too many advancements to adequately address them. We will be following up with videos - so stay tuned!

3D Rollers J-Type Track (shorter Neck to Glutes)
Excellent neck and shoulder program. With the unique "Grip" technique, not available on any other massage chair, the First Class' rollers work the neck and shoulders, One button depth control up to 5 levels of intensity. Like the Osaki Maestro, the auto-programs are designed to more replicate a human massage experience. Starting in one area, working it gently, graduating to the next, etc. This roller mechanism also seems to gently pivot or flex instead of being rigid. Again, feels more like human hands. This chair fits best people from a petite 4'11" to Average 6' under 245 lbs.  (Need something comparable but for larger stature? - Consider Luraco Legend or the Luraco i7 Plus for Big & Tall)

The technology in the Osaki First Class is absolutely state of the art, and it is loaded with new features. Honestly, anything I write about this massage chair, will be an understatement. I will just run out of superlative adjectives - so I apologize if the review reads redundant.

The 3D Roller Mechanism
The roller mechanism in this chair is precision and tight, but does not feel robotic. The rollers can be adjusted 3 different depths - with a touch of the screen, as well as 3 width adjustments. When you put it in the "Spine Care" massage - the mechanism moves so fast you can almost hear it "whirring". The only other chair that has this precision "tight" mechanism in my opinion is the Luraco i7 Plus. The spine care relief program is just outstanding.

The advanced mechanism has the unique capability of moving both clockwise AND counterclockwise massage strokes. Again, this is HUGE! It simply doubles the effectiveness of the strokes / and relief by attacking the muscle from different directions, with the same stroke. This is particularly effective and apparent when using the above mentioned "Frozen Shoulder" program. While extending out and sitting ON the traps (tops of shoulders - a VERY hard position for most massage chairs to achieve) the mechanism will do a partial knead stroke clockwise (pushing DOWN on the traps), then reverses the stroke. This can be felt throughout many of the auto programs. You will definitely want to read about the auto-programs this chair offers below, too. Do not miss it.

The mechanism also includes the "Grasp" movement. This is what truly sets this chair apart when it comes to the massaging of the neck & shoulders. The rollers protrude out to the sides of the neck (again, most massage chair rollers can not extend outward to this degree), and glides up and down the neck pressing in and rolling in. But it also can grasp the neck and also the traps - like a human hand. I suffer from a weak neck and soft tissue damage in the neck and shoulders. After a decade in this industry, when I used the "Frozen Shoulder" program in the Osaki OS-Pro First Class, I felt like it was the first time I'd ever had a neck massage in a massage chair. It is THAT good. If you are under 6ft. 240 lbs - and in particular need neck/shoulder, migrane, stretch, knee pain relief - joint pain. This is simply the best massage chair out there.

Full Body Air Massage
Independent Operation of Chair and Leg rest Air.  Many massage chairs include an excellent air compression system. What again sets the Osaki OS-Pro First Class apart? The air compression operates separately - for massage chair and the leg rest. This is allows for customization of the air system, that can not be found in any other massage chair. So, for me, the air compression on the calf - especially during the stretch, is too intense. In the First Class, I can adjust it from 3 (most intense) to a 1 (mild), or even turn the air compression in the legrest off - during an auto program. While, at the same time, enjoying the firmest (level 3) compression in the arms, back, shoulders. Unique to this chair.

Gliding Calf/KNEE Massager
One of the only massage chairs with independent calf section that can be raised or lowered and one of the only massage chairs to offer true knee massage.

Large Tablet Style Touch Screen Remote
Excellent interface with tablet style remote. Allows you to turn on/off any feature during any program - anytime.  
25 incredibly well defined massage programs from general to very targeted - i.e. Stress Relief, Frozen Shoulder, Meridian Treatment, Brain Relief.  

The Most Customizable
Only massage chair that integrates intensity adjustments INTO an already running auto-program. In all other massage chairs, you can not truly adjust the maximum depth or the intensity of the massage - DURING the program. You may be able to temporarily make an adjustment, but during the next phase of the auto-program, it will return to the default mode.

3 User Memory
Customers regularly ask about memory. There are only a few (Luraci i7 Plus, and a few Japanese models) that have any build or user memory. The Osaki OS-Pro First Class includes recall for 3 different configurations.  

These are features seen on almost no other chair available today.

FIRM 3D L-Track Massage Chair

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Alison Kras, President of Massage Chair Wellness, has a near decade of experience in the industry. Unlike most product reviews, her reviews are the product of her first hand inspection and the extensive use of each product.  LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE NOW!

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