Osaki OS-4D Pro Ekon Plus Massage Chair Review

Osaki OS-4D Pro Ekon Plus Massage Chair Review

The Osaki OS-4D Pro Ekon Plus Massage Chair is a luxury 4D L-Track fully body massage chair. For the deepest, most intense overall massage experience, the Osaki OS-4D Pro Ekon Plus is your chair.  

Welcome to Massage Chair Wellness, Inc. reviews are the product of thousands of hours of actual first hand use of the products right on the floor of our massage chair showroom in Hampton, NH. After learning what factory a massage chair is manufactured in, we then purchase floor models for our showroom; investing only in chairs that we believe will be the best, most durable, highest quality, and state of the art massage chairs. Only after thoroughly evaluating each chair, as well as gaining invaluable in-store customer feedback, do we finally write our reviews.   

Who likes this chair?

Users who want a chair that can be gentle AND INTENSE! Full compliment of deep, intense rollers, very firm air compression, deep foot rollers.

Recommended User:

5'1"-6'9" Tall | 300 lbs. | Avg-Broad width

But...fits from 5'1 - can be both gentle AND INTENSE!


  (ESP. WHEN ON SALE AT 5,999)

The Osaki OS-4D Pro Ekon Plus Massage Chair! This chair without question the most popular massage chair in our showroom, for those looking for a full-on, intense, aggressive overall massage. Don't get me wrong, the chair, when on the lowest roller depth and air intensity, is great for all users, but where this chair stands apart from all other chairs ... is it's ability to give a very aggressive, deep tissue, extremely firm air compression (with large air cells throughout), the rigorous foot rollers and the two phase stretch - make this the most aggressive chair available.

4D Rollers and Long L-Track (Long Neck to Glutes)
Excellent neck and shoulder program. One button depth control DURING auto-programs, up to 5 levels of intensity. Like the Osaki Maestro, the auto-programs are designed to more replicate a human massage experience. Starting in one area, working it gently, graduating to the next, etc. This roller mechanism also seems to gently pivot or flex instead of being rigid. Again, feels more like human hands. This chair fits best people from average height/build to big and tall. We have large athletes and body builders in our showroom (athletic facility), (5'1" to 6'7") - most people on the taller/wider scale, find this chair an extremely comfortable fit. (Comparable chair for petite to average - consider Osaki OS-Pro First Class)

Intense Air Massage & Foot Roller Massage
With three (3) foot rollers providing deep reflexology massage, in our showroom, the Ekon Plus offers the most intense foot massage available in the industry. In our showroom, we have foot pads to mitigate the intensity for people who prefer a more gentle touch. The air compression at level 5 is incredibly firm (I usually stand with people trying this chair, to quickly turn down the air if it gets too intense.) The heal of the foot includes the achilles grab, which compresses the achielles tendon.

Calf Work
The Osaki OS-4D Pro Ekon Plus has the newest technology with the oscillating calf massager. The center calf piece actually inflates the air bags, and then moves around in a circular motion to not only compresses, but kneads the calves. Each calf also includes a rollers, for relief in the back of the calf.

Extraordinary Recline with Excellent Full Stretch
Because the Osaki OS-4D Pro Ekon Plus reclines almost a full 10 degrees more than any other L-track, (almost an inversion), the combination of deep recline, firm air compression including shoulder and hip grap, plus the automated legrest with achillles grab, makes the 2 phase stretch (out and down), a very deep and intense stretch. While the shoulder & hip airbags, pin the body down, the legrest pulls out - giving very nice traction.

Everything about this chair is quality. It is rated for 300 lbs. As massage chairs go up in price, you should expect that all of the interior components are of a higher quality - in the case of Ekon, they are. The exterior is tough extruded plastic, while the interior is covered in a very soft yet durable high grade PU. Osaki OS-4D Pro Ekon Plus is manufactured in one of the (if not the) top facility in China, the quality is outstanding. The QA/QC is of a very high standard, and the failure rates are a fraction of a percent.

BOTTOM LINE: Excellent purchase - especially when on sale for $5,499. High end, state of the art, massage chair, manufactured in one of the best factories, best QA/QC and lowest failure rates.
We love this massage chair.

See how Osaki Ekon Plus stacks up against a popular massage chair sold by another top manufacturer.
Why Pay More for an amazing chair?

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#1.   4D DEEP TISSUE ROLLERS. The Osaki OS-4D Pro Ekon Plus delivers a range of intensities, including the TRUE 4D deep tissue massage. The massage roller track is one of the longest neck to glute massages available. The 4D encompasses vertical/horizontal (2D), and from gentle to deep (3D) - and it is what we coined a TRUE 4D - which includes variable speed within the strokes, a more sophisticated programming providing quarter strokes and half strokes attacking the muscles from various different directions. But, the TRUE 4D - allows the user to adjust the depth DURING the auto-programs! This chair is one of the few massage chairs that allows you to set a general depth (1-5), and then select and use any auto-program at a depth that is comfortable. In other models, the depth can not be adjusted DURING the programs.


What does that mean? If a program is too deep or aggressive, the user must either select a different program, or go into manual mode and select from the techniques and depth. This means many of the auto-programs, which are professionally choreographed to prepare and warm up the muscles, then proceed with the type of programming (Refresh/Rejuvenate), and then usually ending in a percussive technique.

#2.   L-TRACK.  Super long L-Track carries the massaging rollers from the base of the skull in an L-Shape, under the seat for penetrating glute and upper hamstring massage - offering approximately 35% more massage coverage than you received with S-Track (short track) designs. For individuals seeking relief from sciatic nerve pain, or for those seeking recovery, the L-Track design can be very beneficial.


#3. CALF KNEADING & ROLLING. Another key, and unique feature of the Ekon Plus, is the Calf Kneading. Osaki's designers really focussed in on the user's lower extremeties with the Ekon Plus. Extraordinary foot rollers, air compression in the foot and calfs, and in the calves. Many massage chairs include air bags to massage the calves, but the Ekon integrates rollers into the calf - for actual kneading.  

#4.   ZERO GRAVITY.  You will receive the awesome benefits of a TRUE zero-gravity position. Almost all massage chairs available includes a "zero gravity" setting, but very few actually raise the feet above the heart. When engaged, your legs will be raised to a position that is slightly elevated from the heart. A technology developed by NASA, the zero-gravity gives a weightless feeling, and is calculated to distribute your body's weight evenly. The ideal position for a comprehensive massage. See in the video clip below, how far back this model both reclines and how high up the leg rest goes!

#5.   AUTOMATED LEG REST. The Ekon Plus 4D features an automated leg rest, which customizes the massage to the length of the user's legs. Sensors in the feet automatically detect your height. Once the sensors touch the bottom of the foot, the legrest stops. If you want it a little more or less extension, easily micro-adjust the settings on the controller. The beauty of the automated legrest, as opposed to massage chairs with spring loaded leg extension, is that your legs do not need to be engaged, to maintain the the leg rest to the optimum extension for your height. This feature is preferred for taller individuals.

Product Highlight!

Auto Leg Scan. At the beginning of the massage cycle, sensors in the foot rest detect and automatically adjust to the length of your legs. Legs can fully relax, in contrast to some spring loaded models, which require the constant application of pressure to keep the legrest extended...or you can end up with your knees uncomfortably bent.

#6.   SPACE SAVING TECHNOLOGY. Features include a 10" glide away from the wall; this space saver allows placement of your chair as close as 5" from the wall. No need to push or pull the chair away from the wall, in order to fully recline. This is a terrific feature, as massage chairs weigh on average 250 lbs. So, if you have a relatively small footprint that you have earmarked for your chair, be sure to find a space saver, also known as a wall hugger.

Product Highlight!


No need to pull your chair out before use. Osaki OS-4D Pro Ekon Plus can be placed as close as 5 inches from the wall.  


  • 4D Deep Tissue Massage Mechanism
  • Depth Control DURING Auto-programs!
  • L Track Neck to Glutes
  • 6 Unique Auto-programs
  • 6 Massage Styles
  • Manual Mode for full customization
  • Zone and Park modes - for targeted massage.


  • Calf Roller & Kneading Massage
  • 3 Rollers per foot
  • Bluetooth & High Def Speakers
  • Space Saving Design
  • Backrest Scanning
  • Zero Gravity Position
  • Lumbar Heat - 3 levels
  • Quick keys for simple navigation


  • Shoulder Air Bags
  • Arm Air Bags (with hand stim)
  • Waist & Hip Air Bags (seat & hip SWAY!)
  • Buttock Air Bags
  • Calf & Foot Air Massage

#7.   HIGH DEFINITION SPEAKERS. Bluetooth Sync with High Definition Sound. The bluetooth sync experience is greatly enhanced with the high definition speakers offering crisp, clean sound. A sleek, slim LCD controller with lighted screen, allows you to simply and easily control all aspects of both the chair massage, recline and legrest positions.

FIRM 4D L-Track Massage Chair

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Alison Kras, President of Massage Chair Wellness, has a near decade of experience in the industry. Unlike most product reviews, her reviews are the product of her first hand inspection and the extensive use of each product.  LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE NOW!

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