6 Things to Know Before Buying Your Massage Chair

6 Things to Know Before Buying Your Massage Chair

When you are spending thousands of dollars on a sight-unseen purchase, buying a massage chair requires a lot of trust - and can sometimes feel like a leap of faith! But, it doesn't have to be that way.  Massage Chair Wellness has tens of thousands of visitors to our website annually - often during the research phase of their massage chair purchase. If you like Massage Chair Wellness, and choose to work with us to find you the perfect massage chair --- terrific! We will work hard to earn and keep your business!

If you continue on your research, let us leave you with our list of 6 Things You Should Know Before Buying Your Massage Chair.  

6 Things You Should Know BEFORE Buying Your Massage Chair!


June 18 - July 31, 2018



Massage Chair Wellness has these bases covered.

Authorized Dealer

Authorized Dealer
Be sure you buy from an Authorized Dealer only. You will then have a valid warranty. All Authorized Dealers should be including their authorization Logo on their site.


Legitimate Business
Review Contact Information. Confirm that the company has a legitimate, verifiable business address. Google it!
Also confirm the contact information.

BBB Accredited

BBB Accredited
Confirm BBB Accreditation, and review for complaints and continuity. Every State has a BBB office. Buying from a BBB accredited business gives consumers extra protection with it's complaints/disputes resolution platform.
See Our BBB Details

Verified Reviews

Verified Reviews
Verified Reviews are critical. Customers are researchers who deserve honest, shared consumer knowledge. We purchase a service called YOTPO - Just like on Amazon.com each review is qualified with "verified buyer" or "verified review".
Learn About YOTPO .


Call the Business
Use your gut. Call them, if they don't answer, or there is not at least an auto-attendent, not a good sign. If you left a message, did they call you back? If you reach the business, ask questions. Confirm Return Policy (fees!), Exchanges, Warranty. You will know if you want to give them your business.
Review Our Policies.


Do they have a store?
A store is a big investment, so this is a very good sign. If they are selling Open Box or Floor Models, be SURE that they have a showroom. You will receive the best guidance from companies with first hand experience with the products. It shows a commitment to product knowledge, service, and hopefully staying power.
See Our Showroom 

Another thing to note: Be cautious when doing research. If you find yourself reading and researching on a website that includes a LINK TO AMAZON in order to "check the price" or "buy" -- Be wary. Most likely, you are reading an Amazon affiliate review. Affiliate reviews sites for massage chairs regularly show up on Page 1 Google. Often times, the information in these sites is inaccurate, outdated, and they very often include chairs that are no longer even in production. Although, most authorized dealers with ecommerce sites, also sell on Massage Chair Wellness, it is highly unlikely that they will send a potential customer to Amazon to purchase...it is far too costly.  

Don't go it alone. Folks, there is a lot of mis-information, fake reviews, even scams. Always call - it will benefit you ten times over!  

>>> Next Blog Post: Be Cautious When Reading Reviews by Amazon Affiliates

Thank you for reading - post and share if you found this helpful.   Happy and Safe Massage Chair Shopping!

- Alison Kras

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