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Osaki OS-Pro Maxim

$4,999   Only $2,899

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The Osaki OS-Pro Maxim is the best selling massage chair in it's class - and a favorite in our showroom. With a sale price of $3,299, this massage chair includes features found only in massage chairs costing substantially more. It is an extremely comfortable chair, and very attractive. The shallow L-Track design allows for a deep low back and glute massage, as well as a thorough stretch and impressive recline angle. It offers a firm 2D massage and performs vigorous neck and low back kneading. One of the only chairs at this price that includes an automated legrest; first sensing, then adjusting to the length of your leg. You will have the newest in touchscreen remote control technology, and simple touch control. It also includes bluetooth sync with crisp audio output, as well as chromotherapy to enhance the ambiance, aiding in relaxation. Enormous value in this chair - this is an excellent sale!

Inner Balance Jin

$3,699   $3,099

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The Inner Balance Jin massage chair is one of the newest chairs in our Hampton, NH showroom. Inner Balance is a division of Johnson Wellness, one of the nation's largest manufacturers of high end commercial fitness equipment. The Jin chair is another chair that offers a variety of features found only in more expensive chairs. It is a rich looking L-Track (neck to glute - 50" one of the longest tracks) massage chair offering a firm massage and a comfortable padded seat for lounging. Taller users can adjust the shoulder airbags for comfort. Great choice for individuals with low back and lower extremity discomfort. Features 3 heat zones, lumbar / arm / heat. Foot rollers and a true shiatsu calf massage - very unique feature. Air compression massage throughout.  Great choice for a feature rich full body massage chair at an excellent price.

 There are so many more exciting features, see summary below, or click "Learn More" for details.

Titan Pro Executive

$3,999   From $2,999

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Best Selling 3D S-Track

The Titan TP-Pro Executive massage chair is the only 3D (deep tissue - depth control) massage chair, for a price under $3k. Overall, this is an excellent massage chair, with features only found in chairs costing upwards of $5,000. This massage chair has been a best seller for Titan since roll-out in 2016. It is technology and feature rich offering 3D massage, full air compression massage, and full body stretch. The Executive includes 3 User Memory, allowing multiple users to record their settings, for convenient recall. This massage chair also accommodates a wide range of body shapes and sizes - making it great for a household with numerous users of varying shapes & sizes. The shoulders can be adjusted to the height and comfort of the user. And, the leg rest can extend out, up to an additional 9" to customize for height. You will enjoy bluetooth sync, so you can envelope yourself in relaxing music, while immersing yourself in massage.

There is enormous value here, for under $3,000 - an excellent massage chair WITH the bells and whistles. See summary below, or click "Learn More" for details.

Uknead Lohas
$4,299   Call for Price

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uKnead introduced their 50" L-Track the Lohas, in 2017. And, it is gaining in pupularity over the last year, due to the combination of unique features and a humble price. The Lohas is a unibody cacoon style design with space saving technology - similar to the Novo XT, but lists just over $4k. As with the Novo XT, people either really enjoy the immersion feel of this unique design, or prefer a more traditional lounge chair feel/appearance. Standout features for the Lohas include convenient Quick Start Keys at your fintertips, a feature usually only found in luxury chairs. It also includes 3 State Zero Gravity positions, for easy, one touch recline adjustments. Other remarkable features include the true shiatsu calf rollers, and unique only to the Lohas, the rotating calf airbags - that can act as knee and even thigh compression massagers. You can enjoy a selection of 8 automated programs ranging from Recovery and Relax to Extend and Night. You can also enjoy soothing music, or books on tape by using the bluetooth sync. The Lohas is a compact L-Track with a firm massage.    

Titan Pro Jupiter XL

$4,999 Now $3,999

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Lowest Price, Best Selling 3D L-Track

Lowest Price EVER for a 3D L-Track Massage Chair. The Titan Pro Jupiter XL, which fits almost every user, is currently the only 3D L-Track priced below $4k. It is a best seller because it offers state of the art 3D deep tissue - extendable rollers, as well as an L-Track for a thorough neck to glutes/upper hamstring massage. This too is a showroom favorite. For customers who love the Osaki Pro-Maxim, but find it a snug fit, the go to is the Pro Jupiter XL. We regularly seat taller athletes with broad shoulders, who fall in love with this chair. Accommodating petite to 6'6", the Jupiter XL is also popular for families with myriad user height/weight requirements. The Jupiter XL includes lumber, seat and calf deep heat to relax and prepare the muscles for the massage. This is one of the only massage chairs with this 3-Zone Heat feature. With 9 auto professional auto-programs and 5 different massage techniques available, the Titan has something for everyone. In manual mode, you can really work the 3D rollers, with 5 zone coverage for focused trigger point relief. Bluetooth sync is available, as well as a unique "answer" button on the controller - so you can converse through the speaker/mic system, while simultaneously enjoying a massage. Enormous value in this chair!

OS-JP 4D Pro Premium 4S

 $8,999   from $5,999

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The Osaki OS-JP 4D Pro Premium 4S, simply put, is the best deep tissue massage I have ever experienced. We have a floor model in our Hampton NH showroom, and for individuals looking for an amazing, human-like involved deep tissue massage - this chair is the one. The JP 4D/4S has an extraordinary back mechanism/roller system with 12 stages of depth control, 21 auto programs and 41 kneading techniques. The 2 ball roller head system can retract and extend to about 5 inches, hitting areas most chairs can’t reach. A common area where tensions and stress builds up is the upper part of the shoulders ( upper Trapezius Muscle) which is connected to the back of the head through the neck. The roller heads of this device will extend out to its maximum length above the shoulders and then firmly press down stretching the muscles.  

While most massage chairs today offer an average of 6 massage techniques - the OS-JP 4D has 41. This is one of the only chairs that I feel you can sit in, quickly and easily target, even pinpoint any area to thoroughly work out knots and adhesions. It has a very firm air compression massage, as well as a thorough stretch, however this 4D mechanism is unsurpassed. It is an attractive chair, rather diminutive compared to other full body chairs, so it will not require much space.

Human Touch Massage Chairs

Human Touch ZeroG 5.0


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 The Human Touch ZeroG 5.0 Massage Chair, is one of the first Human Touch massage chairs placed in our showroom. Although this is not a true full body massage chair (no arm/shoulder), this massage chair offers a wide variety of features as well as a traditional "recliner" aestetic. To that end, this massage chair features a rotating ottoman, that when "tucked" away, it gives the apperance of a rich looking, contemporary recliner.
But, don't let the looks fool you, because this massage chair features Human Touch's 3D Flex Glide Orbital roller technology - different from any other chair on the market. Its firm and controlled 3D mechanism offers exceptional, deep tissue neck to tail.

At your fingertips, there are 3 Auto-Immersion Therapeutic Massage Programs relieving stress and reducing pain and tension. The ZeroG 5.0 offers Body Map PRO, calf and foot rollers, and warm air heating technology, which is extraorinarily relaxing.

There are so many more exciting features, see summary below, or click"Learn More" for details.

Human Touch Novo XT 2

$8,499 Sale $7,999

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The Human Touch Novo XT2 is one of the newest releases from Human Touch, and it has already found it's place among the top selling massage chairs. This massage chair includes an extraordinary 34 massage programs, stretch, zero g, space saving, and Bluetooth sync with high definition Altec Lansing speakers. This is the first massage chair to also include pre-programmed nature sounds to enhance your experience. The Novo XT2 is a luxury massage chair, that cocoons you in soothing relaxation, vigorous stretching, or deep reparative massages. Whatever your needs, this is the perfect chair.

What sets this massage chair apart, is the quality of the construction, the high grade synthetic leather, and precision stitching, and well as modern uni-body design. The full body immersion in Human Touch's "Cloud" airbag technology - offers a true human like air compression massage - one of the first things our showroom customers comment about. The Novo XT2 was also the first massage chair to include the 3D / L-Track combination - for the first true total immersion experience.

There are so many more exciting features, see summary below, or click "Learn More" for details.

Luraco Massage Chairs

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($750 value)

Luraco Legend 3 D

$11,495   Sale $6,990

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& Free 5 Year Premium Warranty ($725 Value)

Luraco's new Legend 3D L-Track massage chair is the only L-Track (neck to glutes) massage chair made in the USA. The Legend was so highly anticipated that Luraco sold out of their first run in March 2018! Now back in full production, they have integrated heat into the feet; the ottoman is now identical to the Luraco i7 3D S-Track.

The Luraco Legend also includes Luraco's patented Whisper Quiet Technology, 5 User Memory, and 80 Air Cells - which create one of the best grab & stretch experiences you will find.  If you close your eyes, it truly feels a as though a massage therapist gently embraced your ankles and begins a deep stretch for lumbar's that good. The Luraco i7 has this same feature.

There are so many more exciting features, see summary below, or click "Learn More" for details.

Luraco i7 Plus

$11,490   Sale $8,990

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Free Delivery and In Home Set-up
& Free 5 Year Premium Warranty ($725 Value)

The newly enhanced Luraco i7 Plus Massage Chair is the #1 Medical Massage Chair, and it is unequaled in quality, craftsmanship and innovative technologies.  

There are so many more exciting features, see summary below, or click "Learn More" for details.    

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