Osaki OS-Pro Maestro LE

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OS-Pro Maestro LE Massage Chair 

OS-Pro Maestro Limited Edition (LE) 4D  L-Track Massage Chair

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"Osaki just hit a home run with their 4D L-Track with Heated Rollers - This is the lowest price - high end massage chair available today"


Osaki OS-Pro Maestro LE

Osaki OS-Pro Maestro LE Features


4D Heated Massage Rollers


Osaki OS-Pro Maestro LE 4D


Experience the most life like massage from Osaki.
The newly enhanced 4D L-track massage is designed to massage wider, deeper, and more rhythmically than the conventional massage rollers.  The 4D massage allows another experience with account for the speed and rhythm of the massage.
The Osaki OS-Pro Maestro allows for 8 different levels of adjustment for the 4D massage.  With the variety of adjustment levels, the user can customize the massage to suit their personal preferences.

Maestro LE 8 Level Adjustment


With the Osaki OS-Pro Maestro massage chair,
you will have complete control of your relaxation experience.  Massages are adjustable with 8 4D adjustments, 5 Strength adjustments, 5 Intensity adjustments, and 5 speed adjustments for the massage rollers.


Osaki OS-Pro Maestro LE SL Track


The Osaki OS-Pro Maestro combines both the S and L track technology for an exceptional massage experience. The S-Track rollers will contour the natural curvature of your spine. The L-Track extends from your neck, all the way down past your lower back, and finally wrapping underneath the back of your thighs. The L-Track offers about 50% more massage area than your average S-Track chairs.


Osaki OS-Pro Maestro LE Heated Rollers


The Osaki OS-Pro Maestro has the most advanced back heating system. The roller itself will heat up acting like hot stones massaging at the same time. The allows for a far greater surface heating area. Experience the luxury of hot stones warming the muscles from your neck to your hamstrings.


Osaki OS-Pro Maestro LE Body Scan


The OS-Pro Maestro will perform a body scan to map the key areas of the neck and back to ensure the optimal amount of pressure applied during the massage. The scanning technology will detect your shoulders height, which can be re-calibrated once the scan is complete. 


Osaki OS-Pro Maestro LE Leg Extension Automated


The ottoman will scan your legs to ensure the optimal leg length for your height. The foot component will extend outwards and then retract inwards. Simply apply pressure with your feet to indicated to the leg scanner that length is at the desired position. remote also allows for one to auto adjust the leg component to either extend or retract to the user’s personal needs.


Osaki OS-Pro Maestro LE 8 Auto Major Programs

Osaki OS-Pro Maestro LE Techniques & Targeted


The Osaki OS-Pro Maestro has 8 automatic massage programs to choose from. 

  • Demo This program is used to help demonstrate the basic massages the chair has to offer. 

  • Relax This program helps to utilize a softer massage to help bring the user into a more loosened and stress-free state.

  • Swing This program will massage the user while rocking in a back and forth movement to create a more calming state throughout the massage.

  • Stretch This program will utilize locking of the legs, hips, arms, shoulders using the airbags and then reclining/declining in order to stretch parts of the body. The stretch function helps to perform a light stretch for the calves, hamstrings, shoulders, and waist.

  • Scraping This program helps to perform the scraping style massage moving from the inside of the body towards the outside. This helps to direct the blood flow better for a better massage.

  • Shiatsu This program helps to perform a more pinpointed massage along the back. This massage style helps to focus on certain pressure points in the back to help relieve more stress from the individual.

  • Lady This program is designed to help increase the blood flow and relaxation of the average Female.

  • Gentleman This program is designed to help increase the blood flow and relaxation of the average Male.


     The Osaki OS-Pro Maestro massage chair comes with manual modes so you can pinpoint a desired massage for a specific area on your back. The Maestro can perform Kneading, Tapping, Shiatsu, and Rolling with 4 different Characteristics/Modes per massage style. You can either pinpoint a specific spot on your back for the massage or massage by sections of the body. Focus can be places on shoulders, arms, lower back or even the calves. As well the chair offers specific custom settings for Neck/Shoulder, Lower back, and Air massage.


    Osaki OS-Pro Maestro LE Full Air Compression


    There are multiple airbags located throughout the massage chair to offer a full body massage experience. The Maestro offers a total of 32 airbags in the massage chair. Airbags are located at the shoulders, arms, waist and pelvis, and the calf areas. This compression massage helps to continue increasing blood circulation throughout the body to relieve pain and tension.


    Osaki OS-Pro Maestro LE Foot Kneading & Calf Massaging


    Underneath the feet there are spinning reflexology rollers to provide an outstanding foot massage. The rollers under the feet will travel along the sides and middle of your feet to provide a more hands on kneading experience. Along with the foot rollers the calf portion will inflate to the appropriate amount of pressure and then initiate a calf kneading massage. Allowing the calf portion to provide a calf kneading motion will increase the blood flow of the legs, helping them to reach a higher level of relaxation.


    All New Calf, Bridge, Knee & Heel Massage


    On the upper section of the leg rest, the air massagers will rotate in a circular motion to add a new dimension to the calf massage.  For the foot portion addition components have been added to stretch and massage the bridge and heel of the foot. The experience is like no other.


    Osaki OS-Pro Maestro LE Zero Gravity


    Inspired by NASA, the Zero Gravity position is the perfect position for ultimate relaxation. When placed in Zero Gravity position, the weight of your back will be virtually supported by the backrest. In this position when the knees are brought above the chest will optimize your blood flow, in order to relax the body more. This will in turn help to maximize the intensity of the massage and reduces the compression along your spine.  


    Osaki OS-Pro Maestro LE Space Saving Design


    The Osaki OS-Pro Maestro only needs 5” from the backrest to the wall, which reduces the amount of space the chair takes up. Space saving design allows you to maximize your living space.


    Osaki OS-Pro Maestro LE Blue Tooth


    The Osaki OS-Pro Maestro is equipped with Bluetooth technology and an Amphitheater sound system that reduces the surrounding noise, enhancing your listening experience.

    This allows you to listen to your favorite music on Osaki’s highest grade of audio speakers located in the headrest. It is advised to activate the Bluetooth speakers at the lowest volume before playing music, and then gradually increasing to a desired level. The blue light on the speakers will indicate if the speakers have synced with your device.


    Osaki OS-Pro Maestro LE Controller


    The Osaki OS-4D Pro Maestro LE’s remote is upgraded to Touch Screen Remote Tablet. The remote controller is upgraded to a larger screen for user’s convenience to manage the massage chair. It has an easy view screen displaying the function the chair has activated. It also has magnetic holder that fixes the remote into place. On the remote it allows you to select the massage type, intensity, speed, and location. You can also operate the functions independently in the Manual Mode.


    Maestro Quick Keys


    On the side of the inner armrest you can access Power, Play/Pause, Auto, Zero Gravity, and 4D adjustment. You can even charge your device using the available USB outlet while using your phone or tablet. 


    Maestro LE Wireless Charger

    The OS-4D Pro Maestro LE includes new technical features which is a wireless charger. The user can charge the smartphone on the wireless charging place on the hand area, while relaxing on the massage chair. It offers convenient and technical system for the user. 


    Maestro App for iPhone & Android


    If you have an iPhone or Android or tablet, go to the app store to download the APP.

    From the convenience of your device the APP allows for you to operate chair with all the full features of the remote.


    IMPORTANT: For adult use only. Any individual who may be pregnant or recently gave birth, has a heart condition or a pacemaker, suffers from diabetes or other sensory impairment, phlebitis and/or thrombosis, joint dysfunction, inflammation or injuries, weak bones, osteoporosis, a high fever, an abnormal or curved spine, is at an increased risk of developing blood clots, has pins/screws/artificial joints or other medical devices implanted in his/her body, is being treated for a medical condition or physical injury or is under a doctor's care should consult with a medical professional before using a massaging device designed for home use. Remove all scarves, neckties, necklaces, and jewelry before using this massager.

    Maestro Massage Chair Specs

    Suggested User Height: 5’0 – 6’4 ft.
    Suggested Max. User Weight: 265 lbs.
    Roller Track Length: 52.8 inches (SL-Track)
    Number of Airbags: 32 Airbags
    Number of Auto Programs: 8 Auto Major Programs
    Footrest Extension: Up to 7.1 inches
    Heat: Heated Rollers
    Remote Type: Slim LCD Touch Screen Remote
    Timer: 5-30 minutes
    Maximum Operating Period: 30 minutes
    Chair Upholstery: High End Synthetic Leather
    Product Dimensions (H” x W” x D”)
    Approx. Upright: 48.1″ x 31.9″ x 61.1″
    Approx. Full Recline: 46.9″ x 31.9″ x 79.5″
    Weight Product:
      Gross weight: 244.6 lbs. Ships in 3 Boxes (H” x W” x D”)
    Big Box Dimensions: 40.2″ x 30.0″ x 57.9″ (192 lbs)
    Small Box #1 Dimensions: 29.2″ x 13.8″ x 41.8″ (46 lbs)
    Small Box #2 Dimensions: 20.9″ x 19.7″ x 22.9″ (53 lbs)

    Usually delivered in 7-10 business days.

    Depending on location and chosen delivery option

    Massage Chair Wellness offers "Free Shipping" on all orders being delivered to any destination in the lower 48 states (Alaska and Hawaii are excluded from Free Shipping). All massage chair orders include free curbside delivery. There are no hidden charges or handling fees. All shipments also include full shipping insurance. This service includes delivery of package(s) directly to the curbside at the end of your driveway. This service is strictly delivery. We always recommend that two people be available to assist in bringing the box(es) into your home or business, as most chairs in total parcel include two to three boxes and can weigh upwards of 250 to 300 lbs. Please standard curbside delivery does not include over the threshold delivery, installation, or debris removal. We do however, offer for an additional $199.99, White Glove Delivery. See details below.

    Upon completing your order, Massage Chairs Gives Back will email an electronic order confirmation, and subsequent shipping notification and tracking numbers, so that you will be informed every step of the way.


    Inside Delivery and Installation- May Require Additional Fee We are happy to offer inside delivery and installation on all massaging recliners, also known as White Glove Delivery, for an additional flat fee of $199.99.

    This is a comprehensive delivery and set-up service which includes scheduled delivery (up a maximum of two flights of stairs), unpacking, product installation, including comprehensive operational check-list, and finally removal of all debris and packing materials from the set-up site. Generally, the installation will take about one hour.Upon completing your order, Massage Chairs Gives Back will email an electronic order confirmation, and subsequent shipping notification and tracking numbers as appropriate. We want our customers to be informed every step of the way. The product ships to a local delivery terminal, and upon arrival, a schedule and delivery call will be set-up. All White Glove Deliveries are performed between 8:00am and 5:00pm M-F - generally with a four hour delivery window. We ask that you please be sure to include any special instructions at this time, if there are any tricky driveways, or delivery circumstances.Delivery will be made, as scheduled, via lift-gate truck; the the driver is responsible for transport and unloading.



    ALWAYS INSPECT THE PRODUCT BEFORE SIGNING the Proof of Delivery. Upon delivery, you will be asked to sign the Proof of Delivery. Always notate if there are any signs of damage to the package(s). If REFUSING the package due to damage, be sure to clearly notate that on the POD.

    Titan Osaki Massage Chair Warranty Details
    Extended WarrantyOptions

    1 Year Extension - (Parts & Labor): + $149.00
    2 Year Extension - (Parts & Labor): + $249.00

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    • Hello, are there are any other upgrades besides the controller on the Osaki OS-Pro Maestro LE - as compares to the OS-Pro Maestro?

      The Maestro "Limited Edition" includes a new tablet style touch screen remote, with a FANTASTIC interface!  It also includes a wireless cell phone charger.
      Definitely recommend this new remote, over the smaller screen, which was a tad cumbersome!

    • Is there really a difference between 4D and 3D? Is 4D better? Would you recommend Maestro for neck and shoulder massage? We want best neck and shoulder.

      Hello.  Love this question.  No and yes, is your answer.

      There are so many excellent products that are 3D.  Many of the best selling 3D massage chair models, have been "upgraded" to include 4D programming - which really means new programming that moves the rollers from much slower to much faster, and apply different types of strokes.  An excellent 4D chair should provide the most human-like massage experience.

      Best way to make this investment, is to get some guidance.  We are experts in product selection - matching your needs to the right product, without overselling you.

      Plesae feel free to reach out for assistance!  Best,  Alison Kras, Massage Chair Wellness, Inc. 888-978-5285

    • Is the THE best massage chair? We want best, most state of the art. Please help us. Thank you! Kirk

      Hello!  The Osaki OS-Pro Maestro Massage Chair is most definitely a best selling 4D L-Track high end massage chair.
      Massage Chair, while having the same "specs", can often been very different chairs. 

      In our showroom, the Maestro wins hands down, for offering the best deep tissue massage in the industry - in my opinion.
      If you are looking for deep tissue (8 levels of depth adjustment plus 5 levels of speed adjustment), you will get incredible deep tissue with the mild heat ceramic rollers from neck to glute.
      However, if you are looking for incredible stretch, the OS-Pro Paragon might be a better solution.

      We specialize in product selection.  Matching your needs to the right chair, without overselling you.

      feel free to call me at 888-978-5285 - happy to offer some guidance.


      Alison Kras, Massage Chair Wellness, Inc.

    • Hi Alison - Got our Maestro LE - you mentioned this chair had an excellent program for my neck, can you confirm which programs you recommend? Thank you for such great service and follow-up, we absolutely love our chair so far!

      Hello!  Very happy to hear you received your OS-Pro Maestro Massage Chair.  Yes, if you go into the targeted programs, you will see that there are auto programs for various "zones" the first is neck & shoulder.  Click that auto program set, then there are 4 different auto programs to choose from.  Use each one, to see which offers the relief you are looking for.

      Please feel free to give us a call 888-978-5285 - for more instruction.


      Alison Kras

    • How does the Osaki Maestro compare to the Human Touch Super Novo - they are both 4D, and about the same price. What is the difference? Which is better???

      Hello Max!

      Thanks for this question -I'm sure many people are asking it!

      Although both are 4D L-Tracks - They are very different chairs. 

      Let's start with the Super Novo - the design lends itself to accommodating almost every physical body type from petite to big and tall. One size fits all.
      The Human Touch Super Novo has an extensive patented air compression system - covering your arms from fintertip to beyond the elbow, thigh airbags, full foot/calf air.  The air system can be very gentle, and even when increase to maximum air intensity - they never hurt or feel hard, and the compression really feels like someones hand gently grabbing and applying pressure. 

      The Osaki OS-Pro Maestro Massage Chair air system is very very strong...the are system seems to really work in concert with the incredible 4D mechanism which offers soem of the most deep, targeted relief of ANY chair on the market.  8 depth settings, can go so deep, it feels like someone is digging an elbow into you.  It can of course also be very gentle too.  The air compression when "turned up" can feel like a vice grip - pinning you into the chair while the rollers go deep for relief.  And, while the chair is in stretch mode, the side airbags pin you in the chair - so the low back traction is unmatched, in my opinion.

      We specialize in product selection - matching your needs to the right product, without overselling you!

      Feel free to call me at 888-978-5285, happy to elaborate more on the differences between these two products, and others that may work just as well for you.

      Be Well!

      Alison Kras
      Massage Chair Wellness, Inc.