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Select the appropriate link above to be directed to the shipper's website. Input the tracking number (usually 11 digits) where indicated.  You will then be able to track each leg of the shipment, and will see when it has arrived as the destination terminal.

Note:  Above is a link to the most commonly used freight companies.  If you do not see your shipper, simply google or go to the website provided, and proceed as indicated above.

The Order Process

There are five quick steps from buying to relaxing in your chair.  Let's review them.

1.  Order 
2.  Tracking
3.  Arrival 
4.  Delivery
5.  Installation & Relaxation!

1.  Order

As soon as you place your order with Massage Chairs Give Back, you will receive an email order confirmation.  Review your order carefully as follows:

  • Confirm the product and color - be sure you love it!
  • Confirm the shipping address - this is where the chair will be delivered.
  • Confirm any special instructions.  If it is standard curbside, leave any special delivery instructions - like, say, "Ignore Fido...he is harmless".

2.  Tracking

Generally within 48 business hours, you will receive a "Your Chair has Shipped" shipping notification, which includes the shipping and tracking information. Your chair is now on its way to your home or business.  This process can take up to seven to ten (7-10) business days.  Over this time, you can log on to either our or the shipper's website to track the progress of your package.  We will be doing the same!

3.  Arrival Notification

Once your massage chair has reached the destination terminal, the shipper will reach out to you to schedule best date and time for delivery.  Please note that with White Glove delivery, the process may take a little longer.  See White Glove Delivery for additional information.  This is a good time to line up a friend or family member to assist with retrieval and installation.

4.  Delivery

The day of delivery, the shipper will deposit your package curbside, and wait while you inspect and sign for it.  Check your parcels closely, and if there is no damage, give them your John Hancock.  

4.  Installation & Relaxation

This is where a that good friend or family member may come in handy.  Be prepared to spend upwards of 1/2 hours to fully install your chair, and keep the packaging throughout your 30-Day Return period.  Your Massage Chairs Give Back product page, includes links to all of the documents, guides and videos you will require for proper installation, and operation.


We are here for you!  If you have any questions or problems, please call us at 1-888-978-5285.