Osaki OS-Pro Alpina Massage Chair Review

Osaki OS-Pro Alpina Massage Chair Review

Thanks for reading our Expert Osaki OS Pro Alpina Massage Chair review. We call it elegant simplicity. The Alpina retailed for $4,299 from 2017 to 2020. In phasing out the best selling Osaki OS-Pro Maxim, Osaki made this luxury upgraded OS-Pro Maxim more widely available by drastically reducing the price to $2,999! The OS-Pro Alpina is a rich looking show stopper. Osaki designers included details like the the beautiful honey-comb pattern stitching on the interior of the back, as well as the wood grain detailing on the armrests and outer wings. This is a chair one would not hesitate put in their living rooms as an attractive and functional part of any decor.

With the outstanding and intuitive touch screen tablet style remote, auto-extended leg rest, heated lumbar and bluetooth sync, and the rarely seen feature, the Ache Sensor. Located in the armrest on the, the finger sensors detect the ache points of the users body, and then the chair automatically focuses in on those "ache" points. Our understanding of this technology, is that by reading the increase in the user's heart rate during the massage, the sensor is activated when the heart rate changes, signifying the chair has encountered a change in your body when it contacted an "ache" point.

Straight from the Massage Chair Wellness showroom, we offer our review, based on months of use and first hand customer feedback.  WE ARE AN AUTHORIZED OSAKI DEALER.

Who likes this chair?

Any petite to average size user looking for a firm 2D S/L-Track, without paying without investing in a more costly 3D chair for deep tissue massage.  

Notable: Exceptional Price for Automated legrest, Firm 2D L-Track with Tablet size touch screen remote!

Recommended User:

Height Range: 5'0" - 6'5" | 265 lbs. | Petite to Average Sized User


Expert Pick 2D L-Track - best value for the money when on-sale for $2,499!

The Osaki OS-Pro Alpina Massage Chair!  This chair is essentially the upgrade to the best selling, Osaki OS-Pro Maxim (discontinued as of April 2020). The OS-Pro Maxim was without question the most popular 2D L-Track massage chair for petite to average size people in our showroom. And, the Alpina was the upgrade, with a regular sales price of $4,299. This models offers a moderate/firm 2D experience. The roller mechanism is firm, the neck & shoulder is exceptional for a 2D massage chair, and the L-Track is shallow offering an outstanding deep tissue for the glutes. This chair is gorgeous, the interior faux leather is high grade and includes sophisticated stitching. This is a wonderful immersive experience. Especially when on sale for $2,499!

Showroom Tip: (If you want a relaxing, gentle massage and do not require any additional depth or intensity, we would recommend the gentle Osaki OS-Pro Omni 2D L-Track)

LISTEN - At $2,499 sale price, you will not find a higher quality full body massage chair with firm massage, automated legrest and an intuitive large tablet style remote. Don't miss this sale!  

The OS-Pro Alpina is, as with most of today's massage chairs, covered in a high grade synthetic leather. The aesthetic resembles an almost traditional recliner, with simple lines and curves, and a small footprint. The chair is easy to clean and maintain. It has been designed to accommodate a wide array of body types in mind:

Height Range: 5'0" - 6'5"
Recommended Weight (lbs): 285 lbs.

CONTROLLER: The Alpina features a very easy to use touch screen, tablet style, remote. This type of point and shoot operation makes navigation easy, and much less complicated than some of the older, more cumbersome, remotes. You can easily navigate to find the program you like. The chair boasts 12 unique pre-set Auto Programs including programs for digestion and older vigor.




2D - FIRM: The OS-Alpina offers a firm massage. With 2D technology, there is not depth adjusting - the rollers massage with horizontal strokes while moving up and down the L-Track. The massage rollers begin your massage at the base of the skull, and follow down the spin, track under the glutes, and end at the hamstring. If you prefer a firmer massage - and do not require a range of intensities, this chair is an exceptional value!

L-TRACK (neck to glutes):
The OS-Alpina has a full 47" L-Track design; the massage rollers begin your massage at the base of the skull, and follow down the spin, track under the glutes, and end at the hamstring. The extension of the L-Track is great for those with sciatic nerve pain, or active lifestyles.

AUTOMATED LEGREST: This is important!  You will be hard pressed to find a high quality massage chair for this price, that includes the automated legrest. Most are spring-loaded, which in my opinion is less desirable. Spring loaded requires user to maintain pressure to keep the legrest extended to accommodate longer legs. The chair to be very comfortable to sit in, with a wonderful recline and foot extension. The leg rest automatically extends, and then retracts while sensors arrest it automatically, with a little pressure from your feet. This customizes to the leg length of the user and prepares the massage chair for optimal calf and foot massage. The chair incorporates a terrific reflexology foot massage - incorporating two rows of foot rollers that while spinning, massage the soles of the feet. This feature is highly desirable for those suffering from plantar fasciitis - learn more - alleviating pain, stimulating nerve endings, and employing trigger point relief.

12 AUTO PROGRAMS: As mentioned above, the OS-Pro Alpina Massage Chair includes 12 Auto-Programs, including Deep Tissue, Recovery, Wake Up, Sleeping, Healthy Regimen, even Spleen Digest and Older Vigor. Almost double the number of auto-programs than most chairs in the same price point. 6 massage techniques - that include the ability to combine techniques when in manual mode. And, 5 speed/intensity levels, which can be manually adjusted to your liking. I have found that no two people have the same needs when it comes to massage. Everyone is unique, so these are excellent options. Exceptional manual mode options!  As mentioned above, you can select and combine many techniques. You can easily park the rollers in one spot to knead out knots AND micro adjust the rollers slowly up or down, in or out, for an incredibly targeted massage.

ZERO GRAVITY:   As is expected from an Osaki massage chair, the chair includes the Zero Gravity position, which reclines the chair and lifts the legs above the heart, into a weightless position. This is a very comfortable position, which allows additional pressure and a slightly deeper massage.

BELLS & WHISTLES: Blue tooth sync your favorite music or podcast and enjoy crisp clear speakers. Blue chromotherapy (which can easily be turned off/on).  

FIRM 3D L-Track Massage Chair

Sold out

Only $55.53/mo. | 0% 36 months
with Synchrony. Learn more.

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Alison Kras, President of Massage Chair Wellness, has a near decade of experience in the industry. Unlike most product reviews, her reviews are the product of her first hand inspection and the extensive use of each product.  LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE NOW!

If you like this review, or found it helpful, please feel free to share! Questions? As always, feel free to call Massage Chair Wellness today at 888-978-5285.

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