The Positive Posture brand is built on the foundation of providing artfully designed furniture that offer unparalleled comfort.
Whether it be a massage chair, recliner, office chair or mattress, the thoughtful balance between form and function is meant to have a profound impact on your health and happiness. Positive Posture is proud to provide you with economically responsible solutions for every part of your day.

Positive Posture massage chairs offer the opportunity to experience a premium, professional massage in the comfort of your home, while in “stay-cation” mode. With three models in the Brio line, as well as the SōL, you are sure to find the perfect massage chair for your needs. The original Brio
massage chair, Brio Sport massage chair, and Brio+ massage chair each provide superior therapeutic treatment, targeted for different needs,
while the SōL provides an economical alternative to the full sized massage chair.

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