Massage Chairs Give Back Donates 5% of Profit to Your Cause!

About Us

About Us

Our goal at Massage Chairs Give Back is to offer the highest quality
therapeutic massage chairs as a means to enhance wellness,
increase flexibility, and relieve stress - so you can...





To achieve our goal, we partner with the worlds most innovative manufacturers, only those with decades of experience in developing the most advanced, humanistic, robotic massage technology.  Engineered to apply "old world" massage techniques by way of rollers, alternating total body air compression therapy, and soothing penetrating heat, culminating in a completely customizable, full body massage treatment for everyone and every lifestyle.


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Our mission is simply to Do Good. 
We donate 5% of the profit from your purchase, to a cause that is near and dear to you.
Whether it be Veteran's, The Arts, Animal Causes - we know that
inside every individual, there lies a deep desire to Give Back.



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Together We Can

Live Well and Do Good!


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