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iJoy® Active 2.1
Now Only $599

A perfect size chair for any room, the Human Touch iJoy’s FlexGlide® orbital massage replicates techniques used by massage professionals to relax and recharge your body. Enjoy any of three intelligently designed, invigorating auto-massage programs, or customize your experience. iJoy elevates your lifestyle and performance, keeping your mind and body Active!

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Synca Circ L Track
Now Only $899

2D L Track
Feel and move better with the CirC by Synca Wellness. Get an SL-Track design, lumbar heat, and impressive massage all in a great looking package that can fit in any room of your house. Synca designed the CirC from the ground up to give you the most ergonomically comfortable seating angle and position. The design of the 106-degree angle between the seat and backrest creates a posture so comfortable you won’t want to leave. The CirC’s ambient side lighting and superior massage will set a calming atmosphere every night to help you de-stress and prepare for a good night’s sleep.

WholeBody 7.1
Only $1799

3D S Track
Surrender every muscle in your back, neck, and shoulders into relaxation with the patent pending FlexGlide®, and allow 3D orbital massage technology to deliver soothing comfort just like a warm oil massage. The Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 also features patented warm air technology to provide additional relief of muscle tension, and BodyMap PRO so you can pinpoint where you want to feel better.

Human Touch ZeroG 3.0
Only $2299

3D S Track
Take a seat in the Human Touch® ZeroG® 3.0 massage chair, recline to zero-gravity, and enjoy the targeted benefits that will provide relief for your tired, tight and stressed muscles. Enjoy an impressive selection of features bundled into a modern massage chair. It’s a key ingredient for a balanced life- and it’s right in your own home!


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Nation's Best selling 2D L-Track
On Sale Now $400 OFF!

Regular Price $5,999
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2D L Track Massage Chair
The OS-Pro Maxim is the best seller in it's price point. And, a best seller in our showroom. The Osaki OS-Pro Maxim massage chair is an exceptional massage chair for the price. First, you have an L-Track with a shallow design, that offers a deep massage in the glute/hamstring region. It offers a moderate/firm massage. With 9 auto programs to choose from, you use the Stretch function, Zero Gravity position, Deep Tissue, Relaxation. Standout features include the auto-extending ottoman, while senses the length of your legs, and adjusts accordingly. Touch Screen tablet style remote is oustanding, makes it very easy to navigate. Bluetooth with Speakers -- all for $3299. A sale not to be missed!

SL Track Roller Design
Touch Screen Controller
Bluetooth Connection for Speaker
12 Unique Auto-programs
6 Massage Styles
Zero Gravity Position
Foot roller
5 Levels of Speed, Strength & Intensity
Auto Timer 5-30 min Options
Hip Air Massage
LED Chromo

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Nation's Best selling 3D Under $3k!
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Regular Price $3,999
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3D S Track Massage Chair
The Titan Pro Executive is the best
selling 3D (you control the depth of the massage) Massage Chair under $3k! By incorporating all the latest massage chair ingenuity, the Pro Executive offers the most features and function in the Titan line up of massage chairs for under $3k. It fits all body types, and is considered for Big & Tall. It also includes 3 Memory Settings (only found in much more expensieve chairs) as well as Bluetooth Sync/speakers! If you require true deep tissue massage from the neck to the tailbone, this is an excellent, economical option.  

3D Massage for Under $3k!
Toe Massage
Adjustable Shoulder Massage
Arm Massage
2 Stage Recline Positioning
Hip Massage
Lower Back Heat & Calf Heat
3 Program Memory Function
Bluetooth Connection to Android

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Regular Price $4,795
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2D L Track Massage Chair
The perfect massage chair that does everything. The Jin chair has features to help you relax, recover and feel great. The quad roller L-track system massages from the base of the skull into the glute muscles, while the multi-region heater soothes and relaxes. The Jin chair also features zero gravity for maximum relaxation for the spine and back. The shiatsu calf massager is a dream and is the perfect balance of shiatsu techniques and therapeutic compression. This is a great - no frills - massage chair especially recommended for the 3-zone heat (arm/lumbar/feet), intense stretch and neck/top of the shoulders. The design of the roller mechanism lends itself to giving a unique and deep massage on the neck/top of shoulder/shoulder blade area.

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Powered rise and recline

2-stage zero gravity position
9 pre-set massage programs
42 airbag massagers
Lumbar, arm and calf heat
Adjustable foot and shoulder sections
Mechanical calf & foot massage rollers
Intuitive LED massage controller


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Best Selling 3D L-Track Under $4k
Save $1000 Now!

Regular Price $4,999
Your Price $3,999

3D L Track Massage Chair
The Titan Pro Jupiter XL, which fits almost every user, is currently the only 3D L-Track priced below $4k. It is a best seller because it offers state of the art 3D deep tissue - extendable rollers, as well as an L-Track for a thorough neck to glutes/upper hamstring massage. This too is ashowroom favorite. For customers who love the Osaki Pro-Maxim, but find it a snug fit, the go to is the Pro Jupiter XL. We regularly seat taller athletes with broad shoulders, who fall in love with this chair. Accomodating petite up to 6'6", the Jupiter XL is also popular for families with myriad user height/weight requirements. One of only a handfull of massage chairs that offers separate 3 heat zones, the Jupiter XL includes lumber, seat and calf deep heat to relax and prepare the muscles for the massage. It features 9 auto programs and 5 different massage techniques. (This is one of the only massage chairs that has actually cracked my back!) In manual mode, you can really work the 3D rollers focusing on a particular zone, or parked on one spot for trigger point relief. It also includes bluetooth sync.  Enormous value in this chair - and an excellent sale price under $4k.

3D Massage Technology
L-Track Massage
XL size covers upto 6'6" in height
Bluetooth for Phone and Music
Space Saving Technology
Dual Action Foot Massage - Rolling and Scrapping
Unique Head Massage
Zero Gravity Recline
Heat on Lumbar, Seat & Calf

Osaki Pro-Alpina

$5299   $4299

Best Selling 2D L-Track Under $4k
Save $1000 Now!

Regular Price $5,299
Your Price $4,299

Save $1000

2D L Track Massage Chair
The Alpina Massage Chair is an Osaki Pro Dealer Exclusive. Features elegant honeycomb stitching, and faux wood grain enhancements. The Alpina also introduces Ache Point Detection technology. This sensor, located under the left palm monitors your BP, and when it rises, the chair interprets the rise in BP to a corresponding area on your neck, shoulder or back, and then automatically zero's in for custom relief, The Osaki OS-Pro Alpina offers vigorous L-Track massage from neck to glutes. Touch Screen tablet style remote gives complete control of your massage at the touch of your finger. Automated height sensing ottoman, customizes perfectly to tailor the massage to your height. and Blutetooth Sync allows you to listen to your music or whatever your pleasure, while you enjoy the immersive massage.

SL Track Roller Design
Touch Screen Controller
Bluetooth Connection for Speaker
12 Unique Auto-programs
6 Massage Styles
Zero Gravity Position
Foot roller
5 Levels of Speed, Strength & Intensity
Auto Timer 5-30 min Options
Hip Air Massage
LED Chromo
Multi Language Menu - Eng, Chinese, Spanish, French
Ache Point Detecting Massage

Uknead Lohas L-Track

$4,595  $4295

Best Selling 2D L-Track
Instant $300 Savings!

Regular Price $4,695
Your Price $4,295

2D L Track Massage Chair
uKnead Massage Chair's Lohas L-Track has become a nation wide best seller, and we are began selling this chair in May 2018. The Lohas has a sleek modern unibody design and it features foot and calf rollers. Notworthy features include space saving design, ultra long L-track and 3-stage zero gravity positions. In inroduces quick keys right at your fingertips, making basic operation simple as touching a button.

3-Stage Zero Gravity
48 Airbags
Mechanical Foot Rollers
Mechanical Calf Rollers
Sleak Body Designs
BlueTooth Connectivity
Quick Start Keys
Space Saving Feature
Lumber Heat Therapy
No Assembly Required

Luxury Massage Chairs
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Save $500

Human Touch Novo XT2

$8499  $7999

Save $500
FREE Delivery & Installation
Plus 5 Year Warranty ($750 Value)

Create your own custom massage experience with five intensity settings, and three deep-tissue massage programs designed to soothe, stretch, and rejuvenate your entire body. Whether you’re preparing for an intense workout, recovering from a lingering injury, or winding down after a long day at the office, the Novo XT2 is the perfect way for you to supercharge your daily ritual.

35 Auto-Wellness Programs
Extraordinary 2 Phase Stretch
Unique L-Track Massage
High Def Altec Lansing Features
8 Nature Audio Tracks
Auto Extending Foot and Calf Massage
Lumbar Heat
Flex 3D Massage Technology
Cloud Touch Acupressure

Osaki Pro-Ekon

$8999  $7999

Save $1000

The Osaki Pro Ekon 3D- L-Track 2018 is the newest and most exciting massage chair available - and here's why. For $6,999, you receive the most advanced, state of the art 2018 features.  

The Ekon is a 3D L-Track massage chair which offers deep tissue massage from your neck to your glutes & hamstrings. It has a fabulous spac-saving futuristic design, which include detailed honeycomb stiching on the back pad, and two tone color combination.  

The standout features on the OS-Pro Ekon Massage Chair are the dual calf rollers and the one of a kind - KNEE massager.

Bluetooth Syncs to High Definition Speakers! The list just goes on and on.

3D Massage Technology
L-Track Roller Design (Neck to Hamstring)
Calf Roller & Kneading Massage
Foot Roller Massage
Space Saving Design
Backrest Scanning
6 Unique Auto-programs
6 Massage Styles
Zero Gravity Position
Bluetooth Connection for Speaker

Save $2500

Luraco i7 Plus 3D

$11,490   $8990

Save $2500
FREE Delivery & Installation
Plus 5 Year Warranty ($750 Value)

The i7 Plus Massage Chair by Luraco, the only "Made in America" manufacturer of massage chairs, remains one of the most advanced therapeutic massage chairs available. This S-Track gives the most comprehensive stretch (low back traction), as well as a deep 3D massage with extraordinary neck/shoulder massage. This chair is also rated for Big & Tall, and can accommodate up to 6'7" and 300 lbs.  

We have sold many of the i7 Plus through our Hampton, NH showroom - it remains the touchstone chair when searching for therapeutic medical massage chairs.

Call for Unbeatable Price Savings
3D Advanced Roller system
S-Track Massaging

Incredible Full Body Stretch
6 Zone Intensity Control
9 pre-programmed massage choices
High Def Speakers
Bluetooth Sync
Heated Lumbar, Seat and Sole
Smart touchscreen remote
Great for Big & Tall

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