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Human Touch Novo XT Massage Chair Review - Featured Customer Insights [2018]

March 19, 2018

Human Touch Novo XT Massage Chair Review - Featured Customer Insights [2018]

Novo XT 3D L-Track Massage Chair

Our customers are some of the most intelligent and thoroughly researched individuals, so when they offer their feedback, it pays to listen!  Below is an e-mail exchange from a recent Novo XT Massage Chair customer...definitely that is worth the read.  


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on February 18, 2018


... I had my mind set on the Novo right from the start.  Owning it now has confirmed my strong opinion on the Novo.  Overall, I like it for the following feature:

Novo XT Image

It’s Strength

  • Ability to give a really strong massage when I need it
  • A lot of the other chairs focus on the number of air cushions; I prefer the stronger massage that can work out my sore muscles and speed up the recovery

Ability to focus on a specific spot

  • It has a great amount of auto programs
  • More importantly is its manual features that allow you to focus on a particular area 
Ability to really hit the glutes
  • I work out at the gym and go squats  /  I am a tennis player with regular weekly workouts and require speedy recovery of sore muscles
  • Of all the chairs that I have tried, the Novo hits the glutes the best
    • NOTE: I do wish that it was able to get further down and hit the upper hamstrings  -  it seems to only reach my glutes despite the remote showing me that it’s at the hamstrings
Ability to hit the neck
    • You can remove the pads and really allow it to squeeze the neck, which is my wife’s favorite feature o   In her profession, she’s constantly looking down and feels tight in her neck; of all the chairs, she liked the Novo’s ability to really hit this area
    Form fitting
      • Perhaps it’s being Asian, but this chair really “hugs” you in a snug manner; the other chairs just felt a little loose on me.
      • I wonder how this chair fits for larger American body frames…
      No auto discovery of your height
        • I really like the fact that it doesn’t waste your time in discovering your height (which can take time on other chairs)
        • Believe it or not, the auto scan feature of the other chairs was actually a detractor in my buying decision
        Sleek Design
          • In my opinion, no other chair comes close to the visual ergonomic appeal 
          • It can fit really tight against a wall and fits perfectly in the spot that I had slated for it
          Foot Massager
            • In some cases, it’s a little too strong and doesn’t do quite as good of a job as my Osim foot massager.  But it is good compared to the other massage chairs for sure
            • My wife is on her feet a lot at work and she likes its ability to rejuvenate the feet. 
            ... One really has to sit in them and try it out firsthand.  While these chairs are a class above those found in Brookstone, a lot of people probably settle for those chairs because they are able to sit in them.   So it is a sizeable investment for a product you have never sat in!   
            I mention above my physical exertion on the body that requires quick muscle recovery to prevent soreness.  In using my Osim foot massager over the years, my wife and I are convinced that using it allows your feet and calves to get extra blood flow and allows them to quickly bounce back with less days of soreness. 
            So investing in a massage chair was a no brainer for us but I never really found one that I really liked.  So I waited and waited until I finally sat in the Novo.  I tried it side-by-side the same day along with the other chairs, and both my wife and I immediately agreed that the Novo was for us.  The high price tag really bummed us out.  Your generosity allowed us to get a pre-owned at a price that we budgeted for [sic].
            I play tennis once per week and feel tightness the next day (or 2) in my shoulders, lower back, glutes, calves, and feet.  I just played yesterday, had a few sessions on the massage chair, and as expected, I feel great today ... quicker muscle recovery allows for additional workouts for those muscle groups. 
            I hope I didn’t bore you with all my thoughts.  I have strong opinion when I really believe in something and will gladly help your customers in the research phase.  I am certainly convinced that it’s a worthwhile investment.   

            No need to wait.  You can finance your massage chair for as little as $223/mo!  Click link below for details.
            Financing Available
            If you like this review, or found it helpful, please feel free to share!
            Questions?  As alway, feel free to call 888-978-5285.
            ~  Alision

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